All Classes:

-Competitors may only compete in one class per format, per vehicle.
-Competitors may compete with more than one vehicle, but NOT in the same class.
-Vehicle may be running.
-Hearing protection must be worn if remaining inside vehicle during competition.
-Competitors over 155 db's will not be allowed inside the vehicle during run.
-All windows and doors must be closed and sealed.
-Rear seats may be folded down if allowed by OEM design, but must be able to return to upright position after run is complete. (Amateur & Stock Only)
-No Speakers, ports or vents used for SPL are allowed ahead of the "B" pillar
-Competitors have 30 seconds to achieve their highest SPL reading
-iPods can be used
-Only one person allowed inside vehicle during run.
-There are no modifications allowed to the front of the vehicle (in front of "B" pillar) that are designed to increase the sound pressure levels i.e.(loading walls, modified consoles).
-All subwoofers 8" or larger not used as mids will be counted. (Proof Required)
-Any exceptions MUST be authorized by the Head Judge
-ALL batteries must be securely fastened down to prevent movement
-Competitors may only compete in the class for which their system qualifies.
-Competitors may NOT alter or swap enclosures during event, exception is port tuning.
-Competitors may NOT share any part of their system, meaning each competitor must have their own enclosure, amps, subs and radio when registering for the event. The ONLY exception will be to replace a blown sub, or amp. Replacement MUST be an exact replacement, meaning the same model number and/or coil configuration as item being replaced and MUST be a spare. Competitors will be allowed to use equipment from another competitor ONLY if it is an exact replacement & it MUST be their spare.

Vehicles will be inspected prior to competing at each event to verify the correct class placement and to verify the equipment used matches what was listed on each competitors registration form. If a competitors amp does not specify the power rating on the front or sides then it is encouraged that the competitor bring their manual with them as proof of power. If we can not verify the power then the competitor may be moved up to a higher class, meaning from Amateur to Stock or from Stock to Super Stock.

If anyone disputes a competitors score and feels that said competitor may have cheated then an inspection can be ordered for a $50 fee. The competitors vehicle in question will be inspected to verify that they have followed all rules for the class they were in and that no equipment was changed during the event. If a competitor has been proven a cheat then a portion of the fee will be returned to the competitor who filed the complaint and the remaining fee held onto by NESPL. If no rules were broken then a portion of the fee will go to the competitor whose vehicle was inspected. Complaints MUST be filed with the head judge prior to the awards presentation.

-Any competitor caught violating any rules can be disqualified from the event, with possible further action taken.
2014 SPL Rules and Classifications
Amateur 1 (1-360 sq")
Power Limit is 1000 watts
Amateur 2 (1-360 sq")
Power Limit is 2000 Watts
Stock 1 (1-180 sq")
Power Limited to 5,000 watts
Stock 2 (181-290 sq")
Power Limited to 5,000 watts
Super Stock 1 (1-510 sq")
Stock 3 (291+ sq")
Power Limited to 5,000 watts
Super Stock 2 (511+ sq")
*Classes are based on square inch of surface area of the subwoofers in each system. The Sq in Measurements are as follows: 8" = 50", 10" = 79", 12" = 113", 15" = 177", 18" = 254". Square subs are measured width X height.
Super Stock - No Wall
No limit on Woofers
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 Vans & Pick Ups
SPL Rules Chart
  Sub Size Chart
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Super Stock
Pro Stock 1 (1-290 sq")
Pro Stock 2 (291+ sq")
Pro Stock
Stock -Trunk (1-290 sq")