About Us......
We are New England SPL. We are a new car audio competition organization for New England exclusively. We started in the summer of 2008 and hosted a surprising six shows in our first season. Our goal with NESPL is to bring back Car Stereo Sound Off's and SPL Competitions to the New England Area. We host and promote Sound Off's throughout New England, some along with a Car show and others by themself. In recent years we've seen the number of car audio competitions drop off drastically, this was leaving many competitors with nowhere to compete. Our main goal is to try to bring the sport back to the levels that some of us remember from recent years. There are many car audio organizations throughout the US, a few still running shows here in New England. We support all car audio competition organizations in our area and will post info on their events as well as our own in an effort to revitalize a great sport.

Being a fairly new group, our success will be determined by the competitiors that attend our events, the positive atmosphere of our shows and the number of amateur's and veteran competitors alike. We have a lot of fun meeting new people, giving advice on a future system and metering everyone's system and everyone has a good time at the shows as well. If you have a friend that thinks their loud, then tell them to come out and see, it could be worth a plaque or even a trophy.

If your interested in bringing a competition to your area then feel free to contact us for details. If you know of a car audio shop in New England with a parking lot big enough for a competition then let them know about us and let's bring more SPL competitions to New England in 2013. We host events for both New England SPL and Team NorthEast SPL. If your looking for a competition from either Org then your in the right place, contact us for more info.
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SPL Rules
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